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Tubular Heaters



Brand new Slimline Tubular Heaters with Internal Thermostates.


Slimline Heaters with Thermostates Watts Price
50cm 55


1m 120 34.99
1.5m 190 42.99
Safety Guards    
50cm   22.99
1m   29.99
1.5m   35.99













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Please note the 1.5m heaters and guards incures a carriage charge of £13.90 due to size.




Tubular Heaters


Ideal for use in aviaries, safe if sprinkled or sprayed with water to a rating of IP5. supplied with brackets and wall fixings.


Size Code Price
1ft OET1 £22.99
2ft OET2 £25.99
3ft OET3 £28.99
4ft OET4 £31.99
5ft OET5 £34.99
6ft OET6 £44.99


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Tubular heaters


Please note the 5 heaters and guards incures a carriage charge of £13.90 due to size.



Tubular Heater Guard

Our safety guards are made from high grade pressed steel and are very robust and strong.  The cheaper type are usually made from coated wire, and are inferior in strength and quality.  Our guards retain a smart appearance and will last a long time.

Size Code Price
1ft OES1 £15.99
2ft OES2 £19.99
3ft OES3 £27.99
4ft OES4 £29.99
5ft OES5 £34.99
6ft OES6 £39.99



Plug-in Electronic Thermostat


Plug-in electronic temperature controller incorporating a digital display of temperature. Can control to a temperature between 0ºC and 35ºC (heating only) and is ideal for controlling radiant, convector and fan heaters as well as oil filled radiators.

  • Plug-in, no wiring.
  • Mains operated, but integral battery power allows setting out of the mains socket.
  • Precision digital temperature control.
  • Permanent manual override for instant ON/OFF switching.
  • Integral temperature sensor.
  • 0ºC to 35ºC temperature range control.
  • Temperature setting can be easily reviewed.


Price: £29.99




Tubular Heaters


We also now have in stock the same quality tubular heaters for greenhouse in 2ft and 4ft lengths. These come with attachments so they can sit on the floor quite safely.

Size Code Price
2ft OETG1 £25.99
4ft OETG2 £31.99


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Tubular heaters



Heated perches

At last a new way to keep give your birds some heat without heating the entire room and great to give birds in aviaries some extra heat to help protect from frost bite. Once found birds love them and will use them every night to roost on. Mike Curzon one of UK best known birdmen has used them and says:-

" I used the heated perches for the first time last winter, which was long and hard. All my pigeons and doves and also the peacocks pheasants used them once they got used to them. I placed them in the favourite roosting places of each pair. The one thing I would recommend is that you have a clip at each end to hold them in place."


Easy to set up in any avairy and only uses 12 watts so save on electrical bills.Designed to be easily gripped and can be used for Parrot, Doves , Pigeons and all types of exotic birds. The perch is 22mm in diameter and 1 metre long.


£34.99 each. (code oeh6)



Harveys Heat Lamps

We now have found a UK source for heat lamps which are made to the latest standards. The ceramic bulbs are also made in the Uk and tested.

Ceramic Infra Red Heat Bulbs Ceramic Infra Red Bulbs emit long wave infra red heat, similar to that produced by the sun.  It is absorbed by the animal in a similar way to basking in the sun, while increasing the ambient temperature of the enclosure. Manufactured in the UK, by a company with experience not only, in keeping a wide range of reptiles and exotic petsa, but also manufacturing a range of technical ceramics and Bespoke heating solutions for the pet industry.. 12 month guarantee.


They come ready to use and use an infra red heat that does not heat the air but heats the area the infra red lands on which is far more effective.


Small 7 inch reflector 60w ceramic bulb £39.99 (code OEH4)
Large 9 inch reflector 150 w ceramic bulb £42.99  (code OEH5)





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