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Bird Seed Mixtures
parrot seed
Bird Seed Mixtures
A range of seed mixtures for parrots, budgies, canaries, finches, ducks, pheasants, siskins & partridges

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Australian Finch Mixture
An excellent mix for all autralian finches. This mix is mainly smaller panicum millets and the it contains Canary seed, White perilla, Niger, Plate millet, Japanese millet, yellow panicum, Red panicum, Peeled oats and red vitamin pellets.
5kg - £12.99,  22.5kg - £36.99

British/Goldfinch Finch
A very popular mixture for breeders and feeding wild birds.This contains Canary seeds, Turnip seeds, Linseeds, Niger seeds, Hemp seeds, Millet seed red, Millet seed White, Weed seeds, Grass seeds, Spinachseeds, Peeled oats. 5kg - £9.99,  20kg - £29.99

Budgie Mixture
Our budgie maintenance mixture provides budgerigar fanciers with a top quality seed based diet that offers a wonderful selection of nine highly nutritious ingredients for your birds to enjoy. The carefully constructed formulation has been designed to help ensure that high palatability rates are achieved to avoid unnecessary waste. The product ensures that your birds receive a well balanced diet at all times throughout the year, with each and every incorporated ingredient offering its own unique properties for your birds overall health and wellbeing.

Ingredients: 9 - Canary seed, White Millet Seed, Red Millet Seed, Yellow Plate Millet Seed, Japanese Millet Seed, Groats, Hempseed, Niger seed & Brown Perilla Seed.
5kg - £9.99,  20kg - £22.99

Bullfinch Mixture
Canary Seed, Perilla, Buckwheat, Linseed, Safflower. Jap. Millet, Groats, Juniper Berries, Black Rape, Niger, Yellow Millet, White Millet, Hemp Seed, Wild Seeds,

A combination of special seeds to maintain birds in excellent condition. The seed mixture are made up to ensure optimal choice for the bird. The wild seeds in the mixture include Carrot, Grass, Cress, Onion, Radish, Blue Maw.
5kg - £8.99 25kg £29.99
New mixture for 2009

Canary Mix Premium
A mixture from Witte Molem with many ingredients such as Canary seed, Turnip, Brown perilla, White perilla, Linseeds, Niger, Hemp, Plate millet, Blue maw, White lettuce, Grass seeds, Peeled oats, Broken oats and red vitamin pellets.
5kg £13.99 22.5kg £39.99

Exotic Finch Mixture.
A balanced diet of seeds for all exotic finches.
5kg £9.99 20kg £29.99

Exotic Pheasant Mixture.
A diet designed for all species of exotic pheasants which contains:  Black Turnip seeds, Wheat, Peeled Oats, Peeled Barley, Buckwheat, Paddy Rice, Red Dari, White Dari, Safflower Seeds and Aniseed.
20kg £19.99

A Balanced mixture for the native Greenfinch containing Canary Seed, Buckwheat, Hemp, Linseed, Niger, Small Stripped Sunflower Groats. Safflower, Black Rape, Jap. Millet. Wheat Wheat, Juniper berries, Wild Seeds. A varied diet ensuring peak condition and health. Can be supplemented with usual titbits.
5kg £9.99  20kg £29.99

Hooded Siskin Mixture
Another very unusual diet for Siskins with grasses and niger etc.
4kg - £ 14.99

Mosaics Soaking Seed 5kg  Code SMSQ1

£19.99 Per 5kg

Seedmix for Siskins
A natural mixture that is the ultimate conditioner for all Australians and many other finch species. A unique mix which contains Canary, Perilla, Linseed, Niger,White millet, Various grass seeds, Thistle, Maw, White and black Lettuce, Sesame, chicory, Evening Primrose, Weedseed, clover and garden cress.
5 kg - £ 14.99,  18kg - £39.99

Soakseed for Germination
A mixture designed for soaking and quick germination. It contains Turnip, niger, Hemp, Yellow millet, Radish, White dari, Sorgho, and mung beans.
5kg - £13.99,  25kg - £42.99

Weed Seeds
A well balanced mixtures of culivated weed seeds.
5kg - £8.99, 18kg - £23.99

Wild Seeds
A cultivated mix of larger seeds - wild grasses,thistles,onion,garden cress,radish,sesame,carrot and weed seeds.
5kg - £10.99, 18kg - £25.99


African Grey Select

This specially developed high quality mixture provides a varied, healthy, balanced diet for your bird. It contains only natural ingredients.
800g £ 6.99 2kg £11.99 5kg £22.99 10kg £32.99

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Amazon Select

Amazon Select

This specially developed high quality mixture provides a varied, healthy, balanced diet for your bird. It contains only natural ingredients
800g £ 6.99 2kg £11.99 5kg £22.99 10kg £32.99

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Harvey's Large Parrot Special
A complete new mix that we formulated for our own birds with over 30 ingredients such as : Exotic fruits, nuts out of shell, mountain ash berries, elderberries, rosehips, cedarnuts, banana pieces, pumpkin seeds, blue raisons to name but a few. Designed for the larger parrots, it does not have as many of the smaller seeds found in the parrot premium mix
2 kg - £7.99.,5kg - £14.99, 15kg - £37.99,  30kg - £67.99

Macaw Select

This specially developed high quality mixture provides a varied, healthy, balanced diet for your bird. It contains only natural ingredients.
800g £ 8.99 2kg £17.99 5kg £32.99 10kg £44.99

Parrot Dinner
This is a mixture of high quality pulses for cooking. This is easy for any parrot to digest and can be fed with any seed mixture to provide a balanced and interesting food for your parrot. It includes Hemp, Cargo rice, Popcorm maize, Buckwheat, Safflower, Green peas, Yellow Peas, Maple peas, Polish peas,, Mung beans, Lentils, Red split lentils, Kidney beans and speckled beans.
1kg £3.99,  5kg - £9.99,  20kg - £29.99

Parrot Premium
A complete food for African Greys, Amazons, Macaws and Cockatoos. Contains seeds, cerials, dried fruits & vegetables plus expanded pellets containing vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
The ingredients are White sunflower, Red millet, White millet, Paddy rice, Striped sunflower, Pumkin, Melon, Red peppers, Raisans, Cedarnuts, Oats, Peeled oats, Buckwheat, Red dari, White Dari, Safflower, Carrot, Presco maize, Presco wheat and rolled peas.

15kg - £32.99, 5kg - £14.99, 2kg £7.99 1 kg - £4.99
2 bags (30kg) £55.99

 Galah Diet
A diet with only 4% fat designed for Galah Cockatoos who can get fat on a normal parrot diet.
5kg £15.99 12.5kg - £33.99

Seedmix for Parrakeets
A super clean mixture fromWitte Molen containing Millet seeds, Canary seed, Saflower, Buckwheat, Wheat, Striped sunflower, Peeled oats, White Sunflower, Pointed oats, Paddy Rice, Red dari, and Hempseeds.
1kg - £2.95 5kg - £7.99,  20kg - £19.99

Seedmix for Parrakeets WS
Without sunflowers but with all the following - Canary seed, Linseeds, Hemp seeds, White millet, Red millet, Plate millet, Paddy rice, Peeled oats, Wheat, Buckwheat, Red dari, White dari and safflower seeds.
1kg - £3.99,  5kg - £10.99,  25kg - £35.99

Delivery Charges
  1kg to 30kg £6.95 (to most UK postcodes)

Please note that we charge £6.95 for each box sent which can be upto 30kg but not more than 8 cubic foot. We only charge what the courier charges us. All parcels upto 30kg are sent on a 24hr service but this is not a guaranteed service
(unless included in the price) All prices include Vat

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