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Pest Control and Hygiene



Ardap Insecticide - NO MORE FLIES

  • Effective for up to 6 weeks on flying & crawling insects.
  • Combats severe infestations in seconds.

Ardap is very effective against lice, red mite, fleas, ants, beetles, cockroaches and other crawling insects. Perfect for cages and aviaries .


£7.99 per 200ml Spray


£14.99 per 750ml Spray

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Ardap Insecticide - Fly Killer



Flea & Mite Strike - Organic Pest Control

The 100% natural way to eliminate the threat of fleas, ticks and mites.

  • Use directly on your birds
  • Spread around cages, nesting boxes and coops.
  • No unpleasant smell
  • Results in under 24hours


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Mite Strike - Parasite Control




Other Parasite Control Products

Ivermectin is our most popular mite control product. We have this available in droppers for large collection and Spot On for pet birds. Bird wormers also on this page.

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Other Parasite Control Products




A brand new mite killer.

You You simply remove all your birds and then light the fuse and your bird room will be completely fumigated. After 3 hours it is safe to return all live stock. This Chicken Home Blitz for Red Mites is highly effective and can also tackle other flying insects and crawlies.


Red Mites are parasites that live in bird rooms & chicken houses and feed on the birds while they are asleep. Infestations can often lead to poor health, low egg production, weight loss and death. This Chicken Home Blitz omits a dense smoke cloud, which contains permethrin, and permeates through the wood a lot betterthan competing sprays or powders.
Each packet has two fumigators inside and each one will cover an area of 7.5 cubic metres.


Each packet of two fumigators cost £10.99
Which will cover 15 cubic metres.
Buy two for £19.99 which will cover 30 cubic Metres
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Breakout - Kills Bird Flu Virus

A very safe range of disinfectants that kill the avian influenza virus. Comes in ready to use spray, concentrate and wipes. Kills many other major bacterial and viral diseases.

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Kill Bird Flu Virus




We also stock the VET ARK range of bird disinfectants designed for use with bird species. Tamodine-E and Ark-Klens being the most popular.

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Vetark Disinfectants



Other Hygiene Products

We have a range of very useful products to remove all smells from bins, Urine removers and floor protection products for under cages. All these have come from the industrial sector and really work.

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Protection Products, Cleaners, Urine Removers



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