Parrot Cage Covers for African Greys, Amazons, Cockatoos, Parrakeets and Conures

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Parrot Cage Covers - African Greys - Amazons - Macaws - Cockatoos - Parrakeets - Conures

Parrot Cage COvers



Parrot Cage Covers



A cage cover with opening front and velcro strips to secure the cover when closed. Ideally suited to all manufactured cage including Rainforest Cages and Skyline Cage. Available in 6 sizes. All made in Black Cotton and Polyester.


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Parrot Cage Covers



Item Code Description Price
Cage Cover 1 OBCC1 For Amazona 1, Holley Bird, Brazil 1, Peru, Mini Santa Fe, Eden Play Top. £24.95

Cage Cover 2

OBCC2 For Canterbury, Amazona 2, Brazil 2, Santa Fe, Ohio. £27.95
Cage Cover 3 OBCC3 For Eagle Dome Top, Chile,Haiti and California. £33.95
Cage Cover 4 OBCC4 For Victoria Play Top, Jersey and Nevada. £41.95
Cage Cover 5 OBCC5 For Amberley, Niagra Play Top, Janero, and Arizona. £49.95
Cage Cover 6 OBCC16 For Ara 1, Ara2, and Oregan. £59.95



Carry Cages



Small travelling cage 51 x 34 x 43cm. Supplied with two perches and stainless stell bowls. White wire and base.

 £29.99 each Code OBCM2


Large travelling cage with secure front door. Supplied with two perches and stainless steel bowls. Supplied flatpacked
Size: 60 x 43 x 53cm (24 x 16½ x 20½” approx).

 £39.99 each  CODE OBCM3



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