Bedding and Nesting Chips, Salmonella free and great absorption capacity

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Bedding and nesting chips - Coconut - Sisal - Hemp - Cotton - Jute

Golden Chips Large

An ideal covering for cages, aviaries and nesting boxes. Clean dust free graded product. Particle weight limits bedding becoming ‘airborne’ when birds are active. Excellent absorption capacity.Heat dried to 550°C. Salmonella free (analysis certificate available).All wood taken fresh from renewable sources.

Size:2.5kg    Code:OBBL1  Price:£6.99

Size:10kg  Code:OBBL2  Price:£21.99

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Golden Chips Bedding



White Coconut Fibre


200g Bundle £2.50

10 Bundles £20

40 Bundles £70


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Nesting Materials
Product Size Code Price
Natural Cotton
Bulk (10)
1kg OFP069
White Cotton
Bulk (10)
1kg OFP070
Coconut Fibre
Bulk (100)
250g OFP071
Mixed Nesting
Product Size Code Price
Coconut,sisal, Cotton and Jute

Bulk (10)
500g OFP074


Coconut and Sisal
Bulk (10)
500g OFP075
Animal Hair, hemp, and sisal
Bulk (10)
500g OFP076



Types of nesting materials



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