Parrot Vitamins and Minerals plus Berries, Tropical Fruit, Pulses and Seed Sprouts

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Parrot Vitamins and Minerals - Fruit and Berry Mixes - Pulses - Tropical Dried Fruit - Seed Sprouts

Parrot Vitamins and Supplements
by Rob Harvey


VITAMINS & MINERALS: All parrots need vitamins whether they are pets or breeding birds. We recommend the Twinpack from Aviplus. This consists of one pack of vitamins and one pack of minerals and you simply take a pinch out of each tub every day and mix this in to the seed.


CALCIUM: During the breeding season it is advisable to give extra calcium to breeding birds. African Grey parrots kept either as pets or for breeding are recommended to receive extra calcium on a weekly basis. We use the Aviplus Avi-cal , and a pinch of this powder is added to the seed mixture once a week.


PARROT PARRAKEET: This product is designed to balance out a parrot's diet which consists of seed, pulses and fruit. It is a crumble which you mix with water and add to your parrots daily food. It forms 20% of your parrots diet and contains proteins, vitamins,minerals and trace elements that may be partially or wholly missing from a parrot's diet. The well balanced nutritional value of Avi-plus ensures chicks grow well and feather perfectly. With this product you will not need to add any further vitamins or minerals.


All of the above are products we would recommend on a regular basis for all parrots and you can vary their diet by alternating between the Aviplus Twinpack and sometimes the Aviplus Parrot Parakeet to see which they prefer. I would always recommend varying your parrots diet to make their life as interesting as possible. With this in mind the following products are all supplements which can be used regularly to vary your parrots diet. They can be fed every day with a supplement and we have several to choose from so you can find out which your parrot prefers .


TROPICAL PARROT MIXTURE: An additional food with tropical fruits, nuts, berries and vegetables plus much much more. An ideal variation for parrots.


PARROT DINNER: This is a mixture of high quality pulses for cooking. This is easy for any parrot to digest and can be fed with any seed mixture to provide a balanced and interesting food for your parrot.


NATURES HARVEST SOAK MIXTURE: Nature's Harvest, as its name suggests, is a harvest of 20 carefully selected food items. It provides all parrot-like species with a highly palatable combination of dried fruits, wild berries, pulses, vegetables, cereals, grains and dried fresh water shrimps. In combination with their seed mixtures, it provides a much better dietary balance and stimulates interest and activity leading to happy healthier birds.


NATURES HARVEST TROPICAL SOAK MIXTURE: The 21 ingredients embody a high proportion of dried fruits and wild berries as preferred by Parrots, Cockatoos, Macaws, Conures and several species of large Parakeets for which this mixture is intended. The mix offers birds a nutritious assortment of vitamins, trace elements and carbohydrates.


TROPICAL DRIED FRUIT SELECTON: The five different types of dried fruit include banana chips, coconut chips, diced papaya, diced pincore and sultanas. They can be fed on a daily basis or offered as special treats.


SOAK SEED MIXTURE: The combination of seven seeds and grains within this formula provides a medium oil and high carbohydrate mixture and when soaked and softened is an ideal medium to help parrot breeders feed their young. These softened food items become an easily digested food source which young chicks cope with more readily than hard seed.


HI PRO EASY SPROUT MIXTURE: The name of this product "gives a clue" to its intended use. The mixture incorporates a blend of 12 specially selected ingredients including seeds, grains, peas, beans and lentils, all of which have been chosen for their simultaneous sprouting characteristics




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