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Harvey's Parrot brooder (Small)

This brooder is idea for small chicks and the temperature is accurately constant throughout the brooder.


Size:Small. 40 H x 45 W and 32cm D (internal)


Price: £599.99


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Harvey's parrot brooder (small)






Harvey's Parrot brooder (Large)

This unit has an internal floor which can be inverted. This allows you to have a small area or if required you can turn the floor upside down to give a much larger area which is very useful, This is ideal if you have a sick bird and want to give some extra warmth. Small cages can be placed inside this brooder.


Size:Large. 61 H x 65 W and 50cm D (internal)


Price: £850.00

Harvey's Parrot brooder (Large)





Harvey's 50 Egg Incubator

The Harvey's 50 egg incubator has been conceived and developed by the leading incubation design team in the UK. It contains the best design components drawn from the last 20 years experience to give a machine that will appeal to breeders ranging from the novice to those with many years of successful hatching experience. The concept for this design was laid out from requests, from our customers for a machine capable of close temperature control, automatic turning and a solid, non-plastic cabinet. The cabinet is made from double-sided laminated board with a hardwood lid surround. The acrylic dome is transparent which aids egg monitoring. The Swiss-made gearbox has long been used in incubators at twice the price of this unit. The control and heater pairing are among the most robust and accurate available. The eggs roll on a flat surface, which will take all eggs from small parrot/quail up to small goose eggs. The motion is one of the most natural ways to turn eggs and far better than tilting tray incubators.


Size:50 Egg


Price: £372.00


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Harvey's 50 Egg incubator












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