Hand Reared African Grey Parrots

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Hand reared african grey parrots - a friend for life- intelligent and lively

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Hand-reared African Grey Parrots can make wonderful, lively, intelligent pets, but it is important to make sure that they are hand-reared and cuddly-tame. It is always advisable to find Greys that have been hand-reared in small numbers so that they have had a lot of human attention at a very early age - this will ensure that the birds are completely tame and will have a wonderful life in any home they go to.

African Grey Parrot Chicks
Young African Grey Parrot

It is very important that all the conditions are correct when these birds are moved from where they are hand-reared to their new environment.

Greys can be moved when they are about twelve weeks old as long as they have been completely weaned.

Also the correct diet to keep the bird in peak condition, will ensure that you have the right knowledge of how to care for your new pet .

Weaned African Grey Parrot
Hand Reared African Grey Parrots

If you are looking for a hand-reared parrot as a pet, remember that this is a major decision and you must make sure that you have all the information, advice and equipment necessary before you decide to take on a bird which could be a loving pet for over thirty years! If you are interested in an African Grey Parrot as a pet, then please contact Rob Harvey who will be glad to recommend breeders.